Mobile and Fixed Operator Xray Screens

Sometimes mobile X-ray lead barriers are needed to ensure your staff is able to perform their duties while still ensuring they are protected against radiation. That is where custom lead radiation shielding comes in from Patson Lead, Inc.

Our radiation shielding fabrication shop takes great pride you providing you with the mobile or stationary X-ray and gamma-ray radiation shields your operators need to stay safe. Each and every one of the barriers we create for you is designed to your specifications so that you know everything will look and work just as intended.

Hospital Room With Modern X-ray Machine


Mobile & Fixed Operator X-Ray Screens

Meeting your design specifications is just what our team does when we create your custom lead radiation shielding. The screens we create can be made from your choice of either 16-gauge steel or solid, cored wood. The lead lining itself is available from 1/32” to 1/8” thickness. No matter what choices you make for your particular mobile or fixed screen, you can rest easy knowing that our team only delivers the best for you and your employees.

Looking to make some custom adjustments to your particular screen? That isn’t a problem for us. All of our frames can be custom made to your specifications. Just let us know what finishing materials you want, the size, and the details you are interested in both the glass sections as well as the solid areas and we will get right to work creating your specified piece for you.


Contact us when your workplace is in need of custom lead radiation shielding. Our barriers are customized for clients located across the country.